31 Impressive Content Marketing Examples You Can Use Today

Statistics show 23.7% of content marketers cite visual content as their biggest challenge. Awarding the virtual, hybrid and/or live event that most effectively promoted a brand, product or service. Awarding the content distribution strategy that has most successfully achieved set goals. Awarding an interactive content piece or series that has most successfully achieved set goals.
With a solid strategy in place, you have a better chance of attracting your ideal customers away from the competition. The list below is not a concrete example; it will definitely vary with context. But it’s a good idea to break down content types into different phases of the funnel just so that everyone on the team is clear about the purpose of each.
You should be making proactive content decisions based on the model you come up with here. Your first step is to do the research to create an imaginary version of your ideal customer. In other words, you’re building relationships and solving problems.
According to the Blue Corona producing a series of videos each week or month develops brand authority and lures in your customers who will be eagerly waiting for your next announcement. Marketing Automation of the pandemic suggest that this industry is only going to get more competitive as time goes by. So any steps you can take to recognize areas of improvement or perhaps simply achieve a better understanding of your competitors’ behavior could indeed prove valuable. Before you start creating successful, engaging, and great content, you need to know your audience very well.
Just focus on publishing great content and the returns will continue to add up. Install analytics software such as Google Analytics if your CMS does not have one. This can be a great help in determining which aspects of your content marketing efforts need tweaking and improvement. You can also go even further and use tools like Accuranker to track the organic keyword rankings of your content. 91% of marketers have found that investing as little as six hours per week on social media promotion increases business exposure; 81% said it increased traffic.
This approach allows us to talk comprehensively about B2B content marketing while also providing avenues through which readers can dive into sub-topics in greater detail. In this section, we’ll tackle the key steps of a content strategy, from planning to distribution. Instead, HeRo must tell its potential customers how they can tackle the obstacles standing between them and their professional goals. To do so, they’ll need to make their case with in-depth, thoughtful material that offers real insights. Take a minute to consider one of your favorite brands, B2B or otherwise.