License Plate Recognition Parking System 2023 Complete Guide

LPR images are stored on a separate encrypted database from the back office encrypted database. You may register up to three vehicles under your account; however, please be advised that only one car can be in your assigned zone at any given time. All permits are non-transferable and can only be used by the individual who purchased it. Permit privileges will be revoked for any individuals found sharing virtual permits or in violation of Cal Poly Parking Regulations. Charging stations are located on campus in the Grand Avenue Parking Structure as well as the parking lot across from the Kennedy Library.
Up to two license plates can be linked to a parking contract. Remember that only one vehicle per contract can use the parking contract at a time. If a second vehicle tries to park at the same time, the driver must pull a ticket and pay the public parking rate. Students and community members are allowed to register up to two vehicles under the same permit. Staff and faculty members are allowed to register up to five vehicles under the same permit.
We have developed the following FAQs in anticipation of some common questions related to LPR technology implementations. parking machine manufacturer will be added or updated as we progress through phases of implementation. However, for now, you must continue to display your permit until we have reached the final phase of implementation.
The device also has a built in vacancy indicating light that lights up red when the parking space is occupied and green when it is vacant. Organizations of all kinds in many types of industries can benefit from using license plate recognition technology because it allows them to control traffic to their properties. Risetek Global can meet the needs of organizations by providing intelligent LPR solutions that meet their specific needs and requirements.
If you have a personalized plate with a special character (heart, star, etc.) skip the special character and enter only the numbers or letters. Navigate to the IU Parking Portal to review and update your current vehicle information and license plate. Please be sure that you park your vehicle with the license plate facing the driving lane. Additional benefits of the omniQ VIP include more effective vehicle retrieval by valets along with parking spot and process management.